Katie Fleming talks to Miss Showgirl Finalist, Nikki Gibbs

Today, Show Radio’s Katie Fleming was joined in the studio by Nikki Gibbs, a finalist from the 2018 Miss Showgirl Competition. The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl Competition involves young women statewide competing for the coveted title. The winning Showgirl will be an Ambassador for rural NSW, acting as a role model for women involved in the agricultural industry.

This is not a beauty pageant, as the women are instead judged based on their personality, confidence and life goals, as well as their rural knowledge and passion for their local community. These women come from all walks of life, such as Nikki, who is a veterinary nurse in her hometown of Wauchope, near Port Macquarie.

Head down to the Amphitheatre on Sunday 25th at 2pm to find out the winner in the final presentation.

Dagwood Dogs around the World

It might be the treat most synonymous with the Sydney Royal Easter Show, but what we know as the dagwood dog comes in many different forms around the world.


In Argentina, the dagwood dog is known as the panchuker and can be found at busy train stations for a hot snack for commuters. Instead of the batter we know and love, a panchuker is covered in a waffle-like pastry.


Only America could dream up a deep fried sausage on a stick. In the US, they’re known as corn dogs and are readily available in supermarkets and convenience stores. They were invented in the mid-1940s as a dinner time delicacy.

South Korea

Funnily enough, a corn dog is an extremely popular snack in South Korea. A corn dog translates to “hot dog” in Korean, confusing it with a genuine hot dog.

Cattle on Bondi Beach?

Beachgoers at Bondi last Saturday March 17th shared the sand with a different kind of tourist — about 40 cattle, brought to the city to raise awareness about the health challenges facing people living in regional areas.

When it comes to organ failure and transplantation, regional Australians are seriously disadvantaged.

Organ transplants must happen quickly, and many people on the waiting list in regional areas simply can’t get to city hospitals fast enough.

Last year, there were less than 500 organ donors nationally. Their organs helped save the lives of around around 1400 patients, but a further 1500 people were left on the waiting list.

About a third of those waiting for organs live in regional areas and relocating to larger cities for transplantation and recovery comes at significant expense.

The “Herd of Hope” at Bondi brought recipients, donors, and their families together for a morning of unique cattle-mustering and awareness-raising.

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) proudly supported the Herd of Hope (HoH) event, sponsoring three of the 40 animals mustered on the sand.

HoH is working with the Organ and Tissue authority to improve the support services available to donor families. Money raised will assist in establishing specialised grief camps for children affected through organ donation.

Image: ABC

The Coca-Cola Carnival is calling all adrenaline junkies!!!

Thrill seekers this one is for you!!! This is the 195th year of the Sydney Royal Easter Show and if you’re like me, it’s all about the rides. Boasting the largest selection of face melting rides in the southern hemisphere including my personal favourite the Slingshot!!!

From 9-930am every day the Sydney Royal Easter Show has you covered for all the nerve shattering, adrenaline flooding, heart pounding excitement of the show rides at the Coca-Cola Carnival!!

So jump on the Easter Show website and sign up to the Extreme Rider Club for discount carnival rides and strap yourself in for all the excitement and fast paced action the Coca-Cola Carnival has to offer!!!!

Coffee Options to Kick Start a Day at The Show

Hot or cold, coffee is the only way to embark on another huge day at the Sydney Royal Easter show.

If it’s a scorcher, don’t fret! The team at Cold Brew Nitro are serving up their refreshing cold brew in the coffee galleria. For those a little more adventurous you can have your coffee in a cone. And not just any cone, but a chocolate-coated waffle cone. Blissfully sip away while crunching down on the delicious cone as well.

Its always a jam packed day so start it the right way with a coffee in hand…or in cone.

Delicious coffee served in a chocolate coated cone

Image: Good Food and Supplier

The SIX Best Kids Carnival Rides at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

It’s day two of the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and no doubt, you’re wondering ‘what is the best rides I could choose?’ We’ve already spoken about the most thrilling rides at the show. Yet, what if you have a few young kids and want to know which rides they will enjoy the most? Well look no further! Here are the six best Kids Carnival rides at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

1) The Wave Swinger

Always a show classic, the Wave Swinger is loved by all ages, but especially the young ones. Get ready as you soar at a pleasant speed, 15 metres above the ground. The Wave Swinger is a smooth, enjoyable ride that also provides great views of the Showgrounds.

Image Courtesy of Wikicommons

2) Samba Balloons

You don’t see the Samba balloons at every fete or carnival, yet they’re still one of the most interesting rides at the show. An aesthetic carousel on which the whole family can ride, you control the speed to decide how fast or slow you go. Plus, you feel like you’re in a hot air balloon. Awesome!

Image Courtesy of Wikicommons

3) Carousel

The Carousel is another show classic that cannot be overlooked. Everyone loves to ride on the beautifully painted horses. The Sydney Royal Easter Show doubles the fun of this tradition with a double decker carousel! How could a Carousel get any better?

Image Courtesy of Hiveminer.com

4) Cars 4 Kids

Us at Show Radio can never go past the bumper cars, so how could we not recommend this as a must-do? These dodgem cars are half-sized, perfectly suited for young rev-heads to have a great race and bump with their friends and family.

Image Courtesy of geograph.co.uk

5) Super Slide

The Super Slide is another fete staple that every kid loves. Float to the top of the mega slide in an incredible moving walkway, take your magic carpet, and speed down one of eight rainbow coloured lanes. Race your friends and family, or just enjoy the ride, complete with an awesome disco light show to really make this slide super.

Image Courtesy of Sydney Royal Easter Show Website

6) Kite Flyer

Another unique ride is the kite flyer. No, you’re not given a kite to fly. In this ride, YOU are the kite! Lie flat on your own two-person gondola and soar, simulating the experience of flying like a superhero.

Image courtesy of the Sydney Royal Easter Show Website

This App Makes Sure You Don’t Miss a Single Thing at The Show!

As we all know, now a days there’s an app for everything! 

Surprisingly, there’s app’s that warm up your hands when you’re cold, app’s to entertain your furry friends and there’s even virtual Whoopie-Cushion app’s if you want a good old fashion giggle. But if you want an app that’s a little bit more efficient then you need to download one for Sydney’s most exuberant events… The Sydney Royal Easter Show!

The Sydney Royal Easter Show have created an official app that includes all the essential information, and more importantly, the fun exciting stuff that will keep you entertained for over 12 hours of every day.

You can choose your favorites from the What’s On listing, search through hundreds of Show-bag’s and key facilities such as ATM’s and amenities. You can even create your own itinerary!

Download the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2018 app through IOS or Google Play NOW!

For more information jump onto the Easter Show website.


Clowns, Acrobats and Romantic Comedy: The Must See La Petite Grande Show

What do you get when you mix vaudeville with cabaret, a dash of dazzling stunts and a sprinkle of comedy?

La Petite Grande of course.

For the first time, ever at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, this opulent 1920s Art Deco tent will be attracting thousands of people to the Daily Telegraph Paddock to witness the highly praised show featuring clowns, acrobats and romantic comedy full of audience participation.

Held every day at the show. La Petite Grand will have a new show on every 45 minutes making this event a must see for people of all ages.

Small exterior hides a BIG experience!

For more information about La Petite Grande visit their site.