The Holstein dairy cow from the South: milking the title of Supreme Champion

The Sydney Royal Cattle:

Two Supreme Champions in their own categories remained in contention for the title of Senior Supreme Champion – a Jersey cow from Tallygaroopna, Victoria and a Holstein cow from Jaspers brush, NSW. 

Avonlea Fever Suzette had barely blinked since her stunning victory last year as the senior supreme champion. The  five-and-a-half year old Holstein dairy cow had returned from the rolling pastures of the South Coast to stake her claim at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

A murmur fell over the crowd as the adjudicator was called in to make the final call.  The votes were counted, the

The winner of Supreme Champion was awarded to Avonlea the Holstein. Her opponent raised her head to let out a loud moo  – it was probably wondering why it didn’t get a  ‘Guernsey’ in! 

Both the Holstein and Jersey  breeds are proven to be the top two Dairy cattle breeds of Australia due to their ability to convert large quantities of forage-based diet (eg. grass) into milk and milk components. 

The Holstein cow is the dairy queen of the Sydney Royal cattle.

Written by Joanna Lodge


Photo: Michelle Baylis (RAS)

Featured Image: Holstein cow selfie – Pixabay

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