Hot 2 Chop- Your guide to the ’Wimbledon of Woodchopping’ at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Whether it’s tree felling, juniors, teams, womens, veterans, single, double or under handed the woodchopping competition undoubtedly remains the crowning jewel of regional exhibition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. From opening day March 23rd until gates close on the 3rd of April the Channel 9 Woodchopping Arena will showcase the best of the best in Australian axe swinging and hard yakka saw slashing. Grab the whole family, find a seat in the sunshine and prepare yourself for high octane thrills as the wood chips whirl and the saw dust settles. Come and see if our nation’s Jack and Jills have got what it takes to chop their way to the top of the pile in these World Championship events.

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