Stretches, Stunts, and Swords: Have Your Mind Blown at the Psycho Sideshow

The Psycho Sideshow is a daily performance at the Sydney Royal Easter Show that harks back to the early 1900s, when classic freakshows were a staple of the annual show.

With the ‘best ever,’ line-up of acts yet, the Psycho Sideshow features a number of daring, unique, and incredible individuals, willing to push their bodies to the limit, and do things you never thought a human could do. Crowd favourite Chayne ‘The Space Cowboy,’ Hultgren, an unforgettably sword swallower, miraculous contortionist Captain Frodo, and the famous reptilian Lizardman, are just a few of the iconic and world-renowned acts coming to the Psycho Sideshow this year.

Be amazed. Be astonished. Be absolutely shocked. The Psycho Sideshow will be at The Amphitheatre from 24 March until 3 April, with shows at 12pm, 2pm and 5pm (no 2pm performance on 25, 28 March, and no 5pm performance on 25 March. For more information, visit the Sydney Royal Easter Show Website.

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