How Much Dog would a Dagwood Dog if a Dagwood could Dagwood Dog?!?

Seriously, how spectacular are Dagwood Dogs? The amalgam of hot dog and batter slathered in tomato sauce, served on a stick piping hot! Truly the prestige of culinary delights at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

For me personally the Dagwood Dog is more than a snack, it invokes a sense of nostalgia. The unique taste and smell transports me to childhood and my first time at the show. It’s a portal to the family car packed full with my sister and cousins early in the morning battling traffic to the show grounds. It’s a reminder of that first overcast day I spent rushing around the show, the mixed scent of livestock and fair ground foods and the excitement of my first rollercoaster ride.

This year find that little piece of magic that takes you back to childhood, or introduce the little ones to a show food experience!!! It only comes once a year folks, make memories that will last a lifetime at the Sydney Royal Easter Show!!!


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