Jam First or Cream First? CWA Settles Scone Debate

It’s the “scone-troversy” that’s lit up social media in the past 24 hours: Should scones be spread with jam or cream first?

The lively online debate began in the UK after the Lanhydrock National Trust from southwest England posted a seemingly innocent ad for a Mother’s Day afternoon tea on Facebook.

The post however, featured an image of scones spread first with cream and topped with jam, sparking outrage amongst traditional Cornish locals and kickstarting the hashtag #jamfirst, which quickly spread across the globe.

Back in Australia, the Country Women’s Association’s NSW State Secretary Ann Adams settled the debate on Radio National once and for all.

“It’s absolutely jam first,” she asserted. “Cream is the topping, jam is the spread. You can’t put much jam on the scone if you pile the cream on first.”

Defenders of the “cream first” position argue that a scone spread with cream and topped with jam is more visually appealing that a “jam first” arrangement.

“Not really,” said Adams.

“Besides, if you go way back to the tradition in England in the 1780s, when Anna Russell the Duchess of Bedford really brought scones to the fore, scones were served as an afternoon tea with clotted cream on top.”

So when it comes to scones, it turns out there really is no debate: it’s #jamfirst or nothing at all.

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