Dagwood Dogs around the World

It might be the treat most synonymous with the Sydney Royal Easter Show, but what we know as the dagwood dog comes in many different forms around the world.


In Argentina, the dagwood dog is known as the panchuker and can be found at busy train stations for a hot snack for commuters. Instead of the batter we know and love, a panchuker is covered in a waffle-like pastry.


Only America could dream up a deep fried sausage on a stick. In the US, they’re known as corn dogs and are readily available in supermarkets and convenience stores. They were invented in the mid-1940s as a dinner time delicacy.

South Korea

Funnily enough, a corn dog is an extremely popular snack in South Korea. A corn dog translates to “hot dog” in Korean, confusing it with a genuine hot dog.

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