Seven Tasty Show Treats for Under Ten Bucks

If you’re like me then you appreciate quality products for bargain prices. So If you’re heading to the Sydney Royal Easter Show today, here’s my top seven picks for delicious show food treats that are available for under ten bucks!!

1. Dagwood Dog  

You can’t go wrong with this tried and tested show food main stay!!! There is an abundance of show food spread throughout Sydney Olympic Park and most of them do offer the piping hot deep fried treat, priced usually from five to seven bucks!!! Solid option and my personal fave (see photo above).

2. The Big Bush BBQ

Lets get down to brass tax here, what’s more Australian than a a sausage sizzle? A snag and cold bottle of water are only five bucks and when the proceeds of all snags sold are donated to various regional associations, the choice for a cheap and yummy snack could’t be easier. So head over to the Big Bush BBQ and say g’day to the lovely folk on the barbie and make your lunchtime count!!!

3. Puff Doughnuts

If you make your way to the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome and you looking for something sweet, grab a cup o’ fresh, hot puff doughnuts for five bucks!!!

4. Blend your own Smoothy

If you’re feeling energetic and in the mood for a reward then be sure to check out the Dairy Farmers Milk stand!!! Six bucks gets your choice of smoothy ingredients, then jump on a spin bike and watch your smoothy mix in front of your eyes!!!

5. Corn on the Cob

You cant miss with BBQ corn on the cob!!! Like the dogwood dog there’s an abundance of show food stands that offer piping hot corn fresh from the cob for as little as five bucks! We’re talking big corn people, so bring your appetite!!!

6. Chips on a Stick

If you’re in the mood for something different then make sure you lash out on the world famous chips on a stick!!! Available at show food stands in most locations around the Sydney Royal Easter Show, you can get your hands on the yummy snack for only six bucks!!!

7. Lemonade 

If you’re finding yourself in a battle with the heat here at Olympic Park then I’ve got good news! There’s no need to suffer from a parched mouth after running around between rides and show bag ally. Grab an ice cold, freshly squeezed lemonade for five bucks from the multitude of lemonade stands scattered around the show ground!!!

Bon Appetit!!!

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