5 Facts About Alpacas

If you’re heading to the Sydney Royal Easter Show this weekend you’re going to want to do yourself a favour and head down to the Animal Walk on New England Ave and see the fuzzy alpacas!!!  Here’s five fun facts about alpacas you may not know.

  1. Although alpacas and lamas are closely related they are different animals. However they can be cross bread successfully.
  2. There are two breeds of alpacas, they are Sure and Huacaya. Huacaya are the more common breed of alpaca  and have a much denser fleece than the Suri alpaca!!!
  3. Alpacas can spit as far as ten feet!!! Stay wary folks!!!
  4. Alpacas speak to each other!!! They communicate through various different sounds which include snorting, screaming, screeching, humming, clucking and orgling.
  5. Alpacas are extremely organised!!! They usually choose one location to go to the toilet and will return to that location when the need to use the bathroom. Clearly they’re very intelligent and considerate fuzzy friends. 

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