Ex soldier finds a handbag that suits him

After several years of not fitting into his old army uniform, Ex Danish militant, Henk Haasjes, has found a butter use for his uniform, as a handbag.

Credit: the internet

The Cringila local who served as a Dutch peace keeper deployed in Lebanon in the 80’s said


“Every Anzac Day I’d wear it, even though I didn’t march because I’m not a member of an RSL club, I never really got involved. But Anzac Day I’d wear it,” Mr Haasjes said.

“But the last couple of years it didn’t fit me any more. I was standing there trying to do up the buttons.”


Instead of feeding the moths is his wardrobe Haasjes was looking for a better use of his uniform and was reminded of a mutual friend’s company that up cycles unused clothing into stylish handbags. Up cycling is the process of converting discarded materials into something useful and beautiful.

So he and his wife, Mary dug up his old military shirt and beret and sent them off to Holland

The handbag includes all the patches on his army shirt – including the one bearing his name – with the UN light blue beret turned into an inside zip pocket.

Mr Haasjes say he feels very proud that his old uniform get’s to live on and believes that its a great way to remember the families of fallen soldiers

“It’s something you’re never going to throw away.”





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