In Jervis Bay Sharks come to Stay

On the 23rd of April 2018, the iconic Hyams beach in the Southern sector of Jervis Bay was evacuated after a 2.5 metre Great White Shark was spotted just off the shore at 8:24am. This sighting comes after a spate of recent sitings in preceding days.

The beach is unpatrolled, so it is understood a helicopter sounded the alarm, which called on people to evacuate the water.

The shark sighting was reported on the ‘SharkSmart’ Twitter feed, a series of tips and information from the NSW government to help reduce your risk of shark attack, and the popular shark alert APP Dorsal Shark Tracking.

There have been a number of great white shark sightings in the area over the past two weeks, from Huskisson, to Sussex Inlet.
While Shark sitings are fairly regular around the Jervis bay region, the last fatal shark attack in the area can be traced back to almost fifty years ago with the death of Kor Van Helden in 1966.
Would you go into the water even if you got a Dorsal app update confirming the presence of a shark?


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