Jervis Bay Under Attack

The locals of Jervis Bay have been rattled by the multiple shark sightings in the area over the past couple of days.

They have left the locals to believe that there could be several sharks lurking on the coast line.

On Sunday morning, April 22, The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) shark spotting helicopter spotted a 2.5-metre unidentified shark and notified authorities.

Merely 24 hours later, swimmers evacuated as the DPI aerial shark patrol helicopter identified a white shark close by at Hyams Point.

Then today, Tuesday April 24, Aerial Surveillance spotted yet another 2-metre white shark just around the headland at Bherwerre just before noon.

These recent shark sightings have put fear in the locals of Jervis Bay with questions about what the authorities are going to do about it.

For now, the authorities are urging people to please be careful if you’re planning on going anywhere near the beach this week.

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