‘A True Gentlemen’ Wollongong Local Dies Surfing in Bali

Wollongong local, surfer and musician; Jae Haydon has tragically passed away in Bali following a surfing incident where his body was found washed up on a beach.

Wollongong surfers say he was well known in the local surfing community and an excellent musician.

Jae Haydon was surfing in Uluwata Beach on Monday when reportedly a wave knocked him off his board and he disappeared into the surf. Later on, that evening, a body believed to be Haydon’s washed ashore at Pedang Pedang that evening.

Jae’s sister, Heidi Haydon, said in a text: “My mum and I are feeling the love from all and know that you would understand we would appreciate privacy at this time.”

There has been a flood of tributes by friends and family on social media to the ‘amazing guy taken too soon’.

In 2015, Mr Haydon recorded a cover song each day for 30 days as part of a fundraiser, Sing for Spinal Cord Injury, aimed at raising $10,000 for the spinal cord rehabilitation centre Sargood. His sister, Heidi, was left paralysed from the chest down after a drug-affected driver ran her motorbike off the road in 2009 which has brought this cause very close to his heart.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help “afford the costs to bring Jae Haydon’s body back home” and “give him the best send off and celebration of life”


Clowns, Acrobats and Romantic Comedy: The Must See La Petite Grande Show

What do you get when you mix vaudeville with cabaret, a dash of dazzling stunts and a sprinkle of comedy?

La Petite Grande of course.

For the first time, ever at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, this opulent 1920s Art Deco tent will be attracting thousands of people to the Daily Telegraph Paddock to witness the highly praised show featuring clowns, acrobats and romantic comedy full of audience participation.

Held every day at the show. La Petite Grand will have a new show on every 45 minutes making this event a must see for people of all ages.

Small exterior hides a BIG experience!

For more information about La Petite Grande visit their site.

Bargain Bags!

The Showbags are back and ‘Bigger and Better’ than ever!!!

With less than two weeks until the Show starts everyone is keen to get the best value of money out of Showbags.

But with the regular lolly bags costing just as much as buying the same product from the supermarket, is it really worth the money anymore?


There are two amazing Showbags which you must be on the lookout for this year.

The first one is the Elle Australia show bag which comes at the price of $25. But, with a return investment of $704.81 (2711.68%) this is definitely something to get. One main reason to buy this bag is it comes with the inclusion of a Studio1000 Photography voucher valued at $495.00.

The second is the extremely popular Womans Weekly Bag which also includes a Studio1000 Photography voucher valued at $495.00. And at a price of $18 with a return investment of 3492.89%, this is definitely something to buy. It also includes a great beauty back for people looking at all different ways to improve and change their appearance.

Chopping our way to Victory! 5 must see Wood Chopping Events!

Who doesn’t like Wood Chopping?

It’s known as the ‘Wimbledon of Woodchop’ and attracts over 250 competitors worldwide; making it the most prestigious and largest wood chopping competition in the world.

In total, there are 5 World Title Events and we have compiled a list of the must-see wood chopping events at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Friday 30th March – 3.50pm – World Championship Tree Felling Final – In this Competition the competitor uses three boards to climb one side of the pole and cut half the log, they then descend to the ground and use the three boards to climb the other side and finishing severing the log.

Saturday 24th March – 3.30pm – World Championship Sawing Contest (Single handed) – In this Competition one competitor uses a cross out saw to slice a ring off a log. (They hold the saw with both hands).

Sunday 25th March – 3.00pm – World Championship Sawing Contest (Double handed) – In this competition two competitors, one on each end of the saw, slice a ring off a log. (They both use two hands on the saw).

Image via: http://www.rasnsw.com.au/sydney-royal-competitions/competitions/woodchop/

Saturday 31st March – 3.10pm – The Manny McMarthy Memorial World Championship Underhand – In this Competition the log is placed horizontally and the competitor stands on it and cuts between their feet.

Monday 2nd April – 1.30pm – World Championship Standing Block – In this Competition the log is held vertically and the competitor chops from both sides until the log is severed.