From moth rag to fabulous handbag

Cringila local Henk Haasjes isn’t letting a few extra kg’s ruin his Anzac day, by recycling his old military uniform to create a gift for his wife!

After serving in the Dutch compulsory military service program for 2 years, he folded up his uniform and packed it away, only to be pulled out and worn each year on Anzac Day.

But over recent years, and perhaps a few too many Anzac day biccies, Mr Haasjes has outgrown them saying the ‘last couple of years it didn’t fit me any more. I was standing there trying to do up the buttons’.

He hated the idea of leaving these unused and hanging in his closet for the moths to eat but thanks to some friends of his still living in Holland, the uniform has found a second life.

Mr Haasjes’ friends run an online business where they turn old clothing into bags and used the pants, shirt and beret to create a handbag for his wife Mary.

The duo love the idea that the bag comes with a story and is something the family will never throw away, handing it on from generation to generation.



Women in Wool with Lady Kate

Appearing at the Sydney Royal Easter Show for the 5th consecutive year, Pen Merriman’s Australian Merino knitwear label Lady Kate is becoming a star of the Fashion and Style pavilion.

Named after her great grandmother- Lady Kate Merriman- the label offers buyers good quality Australian Merino wool products at an approachable price.

Hailing from a sheep farming family, Pen is no stranger to the intricacies of wool which gives her the advantage in this industry. A strong business woman herself, Pen says that the label pays homage to the many women who have worked in wool saying “there’s all these amazing women throughout history that are behind the wool industry… this is just a little nod to those girls”.

You can visit Lady Kate in the Fashion and Style pavilion at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2018. Pen will also be interviewed on Show Radio on Wednesday 28 March from 4pm.

Pen Merriman from Lady Kate

Coffee Options to Kick Start a Day at The Show

Hot or cold, coffee is the only way to embark on another huge day at the Sydney Royal Easter show.

If it’s a scorcher, don’t fret! The team at Cold Brew Nitro are serving up their refreshing cold brew in the coffee galleria. For those a little more adventurous you can have your coffee in a cone. And not just any cone, but a chocolate-coated waffle cone. Blissfully sip away while crunching down on the delicious cone as well.

Its always a jam packed day so start it the right way with a coffee in hand…or in cone.

Delicious coffee served in a chocolate coated cone

Image: Good Food and Supplier

A Sweet Tooth’s Guide to Success at the Sydney Easter Show

For dessert lovers who are searching for new, wacky and delicious delights to tempt their palate, you can’t go past the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

If you are happy to have your coffee in a cone, your cheesecake on a stick or your donuts injected with Nutella then this is absolutely the place for you!

We wouldn’t miss the deep fried Oreo- it is everything we dreamed of and more. Available from Sweet Treats on the Channel 9 Grand Parade, this dish is a warm, gooey, dreamy delight- an absolute must eat!

You’re welcome taste buds.

The Sydney Royal Easter show runs 23 March to 3 April 2018.

Try a great recipe to make your own by going to the below website.