Australia’s Debating Between Crunchy or Chewy ANZAC Biscuits

Do we prefer our biscuits crunchy or chewy?

The ANZAC Biscuit has transcended time, and become an icon of Australia. Despite an entire nation agreeing upon a single recipe, this is the one thing we cannot agree on.

Video Courtesy of ABC Rural

It’s the oats, flour, and maple syrup that can make this vital difference. The more of these, the more soft and gooey they’ll be. Who doesn’t love the caramel sensation of an ANZAC biscuit melting in your mouth?

Or perhaps you’ll put in less, and cook them for longer, giving them the golden brown crispy edges that give them an unforgettable crunch.

It’s that time of year when the smell of ANZAC biscuits follow you down the street. You cannot escape it, so why bother? Why not just embrace the Australian legend? Choose your side, bake some, and share them with your friends and family while you relax and watch the iconic Collingwood v Essendon game at the MCG.

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The first ANZAC Biscuit recipe was traced back to 1917. That year, the War Chest Cookery Book was published with an ANZAC Biscuit recipe. However, this recipe contained eggs, and involved sandwiching jam and cream between two. Read about how Jack Schmidt attempted to settle the fire around sconegate; does jam or cream go on first? I can only image how the debate might’ve been settled in 1917.

However, the enduring recipe we know and love today has been traced all the way back to 1924.

Julian’s incredibly insightful interview with Erik ‘The Lizardman’ Sprague

Julian was lucky enough to have a philosophical discussion with Erik ‘The Lizardman,’ Sprague. An interview that was too long to air, strap yourself in for what is a fascinating interview with one of the most intriguing individuals on the planet.

You can see the myth, the (Lizard)man, the legend himself at the Psycho Sideshow here at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, at the Amphitheatre at 12pm, 2pm and 5pm every day.

Katie Fleming talks to Miss Showgirl Finalist, Nikki Gibbs

Today, Show Radio’s Katie Fleming was joined in the studio by Nikki Gibbs, a finalist from the 2018 Miss Showgirl Competition. The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl Competition involves young women statewide competing for the coveted title. The winning Showgirl will be an Ambassador for rural NSW, acting as a role model for women involved in the agricultural industry.

This is not a beauty pageant, as the women are instead judged based on their personality, confidence and life goals, as well as their rural knowledge and passion for their local community. These women come from all walks of life, such as Nikki, who is a veterinary nurse in her hometown of Wauchope, near Port Macquarie.

Head down to the Amphitheatre on Sunday 25th at 2pm to find out the winner in the final presentation.

The SIX Best Kids Carnival Rides at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

It’s day two of the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and no doubt, you’re wondering ‘what is the best rides I could choose?’ We’ve already spoken about the most thrilling rides at the show. Yet, what if you have a few young kids and want to know which rides they will enjoy the most? Well look no further! Here are the six best Kids Carnival rides at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

1) The Wave Swinger

Always a show classic, the Wave Swinger is loved by all ages, but especially the young ones. Get ready as you soar at a pleasant speed, 15 metres above the ground. The Wave Swinger is a smooth, enjoyable ride that also provides great views of the Showgrounds.

Image Courtesy of Wikicommons

2) Samba Balloons

You don’t see the Samba balloons at every fete or carnival, yet they’re still one of the most interesting rides at the show. An aesthetic carousel on which the whole family can ride, you control the speed to decide how fast or slow you go. Plus, you feel like you’re in a hot air balloon. Awesome!

Image Courtesy of Wikicommons

3) Carousel

The Carousel is another show classic that cannot be overlooked. Everyone loves to ride on the beautifully painted horses. The Sydney Royal Easter Show doubles the fun of this tradition with a double decker carousel! How could a Carousel get any better?

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4) Cars 4 Kids

Us at Show Radio can never go past the bumper cars, so how could we not recommend this as a must-do? These dodgem cars are half-sized, perfectly suited for young rev-heads to have a great race and bump with their friends and family.

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5) Super Slide

The Super Slide is another fete staple that every kid loves. Float to the top of the mega slide in an incredible moving walkway, take your magic carpet, and speed down one of eight rainbow coloured lanes. Race your friends and family, or just enjoy the ride, complete with an awesome disco light show to really make this slide super.

Image Courtesy of Sydney Royal Easter Show Website

6) Kite Flyer

Another unique ride is the kite flyer. No, you’re not given a kite to fly. In this ride, YOU are the kite! Lie flat on your own two-person gondola and soar, simulating the experience of flying like a superhero.

Image courtesy of the Sydney Royal Easter Show Website

3 Events Everyone 18+ Should be Most Excited for at the Show

We’ve all grown up loving the Sydney Royal Easter show. However, as we get older, we just don’t get as excited over the showbags, petting zoo, and the Kids Carnival, like we used to. So, I thought I’d tell everyone 18+, who love the Easter Show, but want something a bit more suited for you, what you should be most excited for this year.

1) The Edge Silent Disco (18+ Event)

This year, the annual After Dark event will be presenting the inaugural Edge Silent Disco, an exclusive After Dark +18 Event. For those who don’t know, in a silent disco, you hear the DJs music only through the headphones you are given. There are no speakers, only the headphones, and the lights. It’s the craziest thing when you take the headphones off and see everyone dancing to what sounds like silence, and singing to, again, nothing!

The music of course, is the most important thing, and the Edge has got some stellar talent lined up. Three different DJs will perform each night of the event, including Amastro, Colour Castle, and Hydraulix. They’ll be playing everything and anything from the hottest hits right now, to your old-school favourites.

The disco only has a capacity of up to 1000 people, so get your ShowLink tickets quick right here before you miss out on this awesome event! The Edge Silent Disco will run for three consecutive nights on March 26th, 27th and 28th on the Ampitheatre Lawns.

2) De Costi Oyster & Tyrell’s Wine Bar

Settle in for one of the finest dining experiences at the 2018 show. The De Costi Oyster bar provides incredibly juicy and delicious prawns and oysters, caught fresh and delivered daily. What a great way to experience the high quality of Australia’s seafood produce! You’ll feel even more luxurious with some of Australia’s best wine, from Tyrell’s Wines, featuring award-winning vintages of many kinds.

If you want to wine and dine in one of the most unique yet delicious stalls at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, you can find De Costi Oyster and Tyrell’s Wine Bar in the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome.


3) Woolworths Fresh Food Dome

Don’t just go to the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome for the succulent oysters and delicious wines! If you love all kinds of fine and interesting food and food-related exhibits, you’ll find them in the Woolworths Food Dome. There is a plethora of great stalls and activities in the dome. You can go to the Woolworths Kitchen and learn food hacks and new, exciting recipes in seven daily interactive workshops. However, don’t forget to book your seat on the Sydney Royal Easter Show website so you don’t miss out on limited seats. There will be a number of cooking demonstrations by your favourite Australian chefs, as well as honey competitions and interactive demonstrations of how to farm bees at the Bee-Zeebo.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show has some amazing events on to please all ages. If you’re with the family and just want some time out from the children’s entertainment, or just want to experience the show from a different angle, you won’t go wrong enjoying any of these spectacular events and experiences.

Images courtesy of Sydney Royal Easter Show Website

Stretches, Stunts, and Swords: Have Your Mind Blown at the Psycho Sideshow

The Psycho Sideshow is a daily performance at the Sydney Royal Easter Show that harks back to the early 1900s, when classic freakshows were a staple of the annual show.

With the ‘best ever,’ line-up of acts yet, the Psycho Sideshow features a number of daring, unique, and incredible individuals, willing to push their bodies to the limit, and do things you never thought a human could do. Crowd favourite Chayne ‘The Space Cowboy,’ Hultgren, an unforgettably sword swallower, miraculous contortionist Captain Frodo, and the famous reptilian Lizardman, are just a few of the iconic and world-renowned acts coming to the Psycho Sideshow this year.

Be amazed. Be astonished. Be absolutely shocked. The Psycho Sideshow will be at The Amphitheatre from 24 March until 3 April, with shows at 12pm, 2pm and 5pm (no 2pm performance on 25, 28 March, and no 5pm performance on 25 March. For more information, visit the Sydney Royal Easter Show Website.

A Short History of the Sydney Royal Easter Show

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is the nation’s largest annual event, currently attracting more than 1.5 million visitors a year. As we walk around the gargantuan grounds, we can’t help but breathe in the two centuries of community hard work and spirit that has gone into forming the show. Generations of families, from far and wide, from city to country, have been a part of the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Which makes you think… What exactly is the history of the Sydney Royal Easter Show? From where did all of these traditions come?

Well, it all began in 1822, with the establishment of the Agricultural Society of New South Wales (ASNSW). The goal of the ASNSW and the show was to encourage improvement in local livestock and agricultural care methods to better the NSW Agricultural sector, which was struggling at the time. It also provided education, while allowing members to meet and conduct business. These responsibilities and ambitions of the ANSW, now known as the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) continue today.

The first show was held at Parramatta Park in 1823, making this the 195th year of the show. It involved prizes for the best merino sheep, cattle, and stallions, as well as to exceptional servants. Isn’t it interesting how customs have changed over the years?

The events of the show followed similar formats as this for a number of decades, until 1869, when it moved to the grounds in Prince Alfred Park. The first show here attracted more than 37,000 attendants! Pretty good numbers for that time! Prizes were offered for livestock, farm produce, wines, horticulture, poultry, farm machinery, and articles of colonial manufacture.

In 1882, the show moved to Moore Park. The move allowed for more entertainment in the form of rides, animal acts, animal displays, and human sideshows. However, performing animals and ‘freakshows,’ were banned in 1948 in order to ‘clean up,’ the show. It was at Moore Park where the grand show we know and love began, with the inclusion of pavilions, grandstands, and halls for exhibitions.

In 1891, Queen Victoria granted permission for the ASNSW to be named the ‘Royal,’ Agricultural Society, providing us with the name we know today.

As for some of the most iconic events, rodeos began in the 1930s, showbags began circulation in the 1960s, the first fireworks display was in 1884, and the first wood-chopping contest was held in 1899. The first carnival ride at the Show was in 1901 and involved two carriages that swung around at the fairly modest speed of 48km/h. Another amazing achievement for the early 1900s!

Finally, in the year 1998, after years of works and planning, the show moved to Homebush Bay at Sydney Olympic Park, where it remains to this day. This move was to upgrade the size and build even more purpose-built display facilities.

This year marks the 195th year of the Sydney Royal Easter Show. To forget the history would be unimaginable, considering how incredibly vast and fascinating it really is! If you’d like to know more, head to the Heritage Pavilion, at the Grand parade, corner Hawkesbury Street. There, you can learn more about the show during the 1950s, through fun, interactive exhibits. Make sure you take a second to breathe in the fresh air, and the generations of love and knowledge that has made the show what we know today!

All images courtesy of the Royal Agricultural Society and the Sydney Morning Herald

Up in the Air; 3 Thrilling Rides at the Show this Year

The classic staple of just about any fete, carnival, or show, but especially the Sydney Royal Easter Show, is the rides. Some of us love the exhilaration of being thrown in the air or spun about and taken to another dimension. We at show radio decided to let you know the three thrilling rides we’re most excited for at this year’s show.

1. Alien-Abduction
Where – Coca-Cola Carnival

Are you ready to blast off into outer space? Well, this ride definitely makes you feel like it. Alien-abduction lets you experience 4Gs of centrifugal force, while rotating at 24rpm! Out of this world!

Credit: Sydney Royal Easter Show Website

2. Space Roller
Where – Coca-Cola Carnival

Do you love being flipped, spun, whipped, and thrown in every direction imaginable? If you answered yes to any of those adjectives, the Space Roller is for you. Fly at 20 metres in the sky, leaving gravity behind like it’s the Fast and the Furious in spaaaaace.

Credit: Sydney Royal Easter Show Website

3. Sling-shot
Where – Coca-Cola Carnival

Possibly the craziest, scariest ride of all time, the slingshot is ‘short, sharp and super-sensational.’ Strap yourself into a sphere and watch as the ground disappears beneath you. You’ll be thrown into the air at 160kph, rising 70 metres, and having the most scream-filled two seconds of you life. Enjoy the view though with the 360 rotation. Keep in mind that you have to be at least 110cm tall for this ride.

Credit: Sydney Royal Easter Show Website