Attention Thrillseekers: The Best Rides at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Do you love spinning around until everything becomes blurry? Flying through the air at high speed? Then the Coca-Cola Carnival at the Sydney Royal Easter Show is the place for you!

Located near the carnival entry on Australia Avenue, the Coca-Cola Carnival combines wild new rides alongside the classics. Being close to the train station, this is probably something that should be explored well before lunch time!

There are over 20 rides in the Carnival but here are some that are guaranteed to satisfy your need for speed.

  • Space Roller – forget about gravity and prepare to be spun in all directions
  • Crazy Spinning Coaster – the only central pivot rotation mobile roller coaster in the country
  • Skymaster Wheel – take in the view of the Sydney Royal Easter Show from the top of the wheel
  • Dodgem Cars – the classic bumper cars
  • Mega Drop – free-fall forty five metres in 1.8 seconds
  • Nitro Coaster – three hundred and fifty metres of roller coaster track
  • Haunted Hotel – test your fear factor in the scariest hotel in Australia
  • 9D Cinema – become part of the movie and experience rain, snow, lightning and wind
  • Spook – a two-story haunted castle with special effects, trained actors and animatronics

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Image: VOIS Magazine

Cake Decorating: The Ins and Outs of Icing at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is fast approaching…in fact it’s only 3 weeks away! While most of us have been buying our tickets and figuring out which showbag contains the most goodies, a group of brilliant Australians have been slaving away in their kitchens. They are none other than the best and aspiring cake decorators, intent on winning a coveted Royal Agricultural Society blue ribbon. And although these cakes have already been judged by the professionals, there’s no harm in stopping by and having a look for yourself.

You can find the Cake Decorating Display in the Arts and Crafts Pavillion at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Image: Daily Telegraph
Image: Daily Telegraph
Image: Daily Telegraph