In Jervis Bay Sharks come to Stay

On the 23rd of April 2018, the iconic Hyams beach in the Southern sector of Jervis Bay was evacuated after a 2.5 metre Great White Shark was spotted just off the shore at 8:24am. This sighting comes after a spate of recent sitings in preceding days.

The beach is unpatrolled, so it is understood a helicopter sounded the alarm, which called on people to evacuate the water.

The shark sighting was reported on the ‘SharkSmart’ Twitter feed, a series of tips and information from the NSW government to help reduce your risk of shark attack, and the popular shark alert APP Dorsal Shark Tracking.

There have been a number of great white shark sightings in the area over the past two weeks, from Huskisson, to Sussex Inlet.
While Shark sitings are fairly regular around the Jervis bay region, the last fatal shark attack in the area can be traced back to almost fifty years ago with the death of Kor Van Helden in 1966.
Would you go into the water even if you got a Dorsal app update confirming the presence of a shark?


5 Facts About Alpacas

If you’re heading to the Sydney Royal Easter Show this weekend you’re going to want to do yourself a favour and head down to the Animal Walk on New England Ave and see the fuzzy alpacas!!!  Here’s five fun facts about alpacas you may not know.

  1. Although alpacas and lamas are closely related they are different animals. However they can be cross bread successfully.
  2. There are two breeds of alpacas, they are Sure and Huacaya. Huacaya are the more common breed of alpaca  and have a much denser fleece than the Suri alpaca!!!
  3. Alpacas can spit as far as ten feet!!! Stay wary folks!!!
  4. Alpacas speak to each other!!! They communicate through various different sounds which include snorting, screaming, screeching, humming, clucking and orgling.
  5. Alpacas are extremely organised!!! They usually choose one location to go to the toilet and will return to that location when the need to use the bathroom. Clearly they’re very intelligent and considerate fuzzy friends. 

A Big Red Win at the Sydney Royal

What does it take to take to be crowned Grand Champion Red Angus Bull at the Sydney Royal Easter Show?

We had a chat with prize-winning Red Angus cattle breeder Hannah Powe from the Powe family’s Goondoola Red Angus seedstock company, based in Cargo, Western NSW.

Listen back:

A Feast of Feathered Colour at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

This week on Show Radio, we were delighted to be joined in-studio by passionate Bird Man Sam Davis – the President of the Canary & Cage Bird Federation of Australia and the Finch Society of Australia.

We learned about what the judges are looking for in the Sydney Royal Easter Show Aviary Bird Competition, where over 600 birds of all varieties – including budgerigars, canaries, finches and parrots – are shown to the public, in the largest display of feathered colour in Australia.

We also chatted about how Australian bird keepers are contributing to the conservation of rare bird species.

And did you know that every bird has its own distinct personality?

Listen back to our chat with Sam!

Cattle on Bondi Beach?

Beachgoers at Bondi last Saturday March 17th shared the sand with a different kind of tourist — about 40 cattle, brought to the city to raise awareness about the health challenges facing people living in regional areas.

When it comes to organ failure and transplantation, regional Australians are seriously disadvantaged.

Organ transplants must happen quickly, and many people on the waiting list in regional areas simply can’t get to city hospitals fast enough.

Last year, there were less than 500 organ donors nationally. Their organs helped save the lives of around around 1400 patients, but a further 1500 people were left on the waiting list.

About a third of those waiting for organs live in regional areas and relocating to larger cities for transplantation and recovery comes at significant expense.

The “Herd of Hope” at Bondi brought recipients, donors, and their families together for a morning of unique cattle-mustering and awareness-raising.

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) proudly supported the Herd of Hope (HoH) event, sponsoring three of the 40 animals mustered on the sand.

HoH is working with the Organ and Tissue authority to improve the support services available to donor families. Money raised will assist in establishing specialised grief camps for children affected through organ donation.

Image: ABC

Speedy Shearers Showcase Superb Skills this Sydney Royal Easter Show

The shearing is a mainstay of the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and this year will be no different. Shearing is something that all Australians have heard of, but many know little about, if that sounds like you, then you’re in luck.

This year there is a fresh flock of sheep ready to be sheared for your viewing pleasure and you can rest assured the shearers will be eager to showcase their sensational skills at this years Sydney Royal Easter Show.

As well as shearing the sheep, you can hear tails of life on the land and listen as the shearers explain the inner workings of the shearing shed.

If you’re game, you’ll even be invited in to take the reigns, or clippers, and help one of the experts shear a sheep.

You can catch the shearing at the The Daily Telegraph Paddock from Friday the 23rd through to Wednesday the 28th of March. Or from the 29th of March till the 3rd of April at the Sheep and Wool Pavilion.

Image: WikiCommons

It’s Time to Start Horsing Around! Equestrian Events at The Sydney Royal Easter Show 

Equestrian Competitions are a hallmark of the Royal Sydney Easter Show, and you can rest assured equestrian has something for the whole family.  



Whether your interest is watching riders perform gymnastics routines on top of a horse in the vaulting, or you would rather spend time browsing some more exotic horses in the breeding contests, you can rest assured equestrian has something for everyone. 

The Vaulting is on at the Schmidt Arena on the 30th of March. You can catch a breeding events any day of the show. Some of the other equestrian events are show jumping, hacks, leading reign and many more with locations and times for the events being available in the Royal Sydney Easter Show program or on the website.  



Be sure to watch an equestrian event at this years Sydney Royal Easter Show, you’ll be glad that you did! 


Images: WikiCommons