Australia’s Debating Between Crunchy or Chewy ANZAC Biscuits

Do we prefer our biscuits crunchy or chewy?

The ANZAC Biscuit has transcended time, and become an icon of Australia. Despite an entire nation agreeing upon a single recipe, this is the one thing we cannot agree on.

Video Courtesy of ABC Rural

It’s the oats, flour, and maple syrup that can make this vital difference. The more of these, the more soft and gooey they’ll be. Who doesn’t love the caramel sensation of an ANZAC biscuit melting in your mouth?

Or perhaps you’ll put in less, and cook them for longer, giving them the golden brown crispy edges that give them an unforgettable crunch.

It’s that time of year when the smell of ANZAC biscuits follow you down the street. You cannot escape it, so why bother? Why not just embrace the Australian legend? Choose your side, bake some, and share them with your friends and family while you relax and watch the iconic Collingwood v Essendon game at the MCG.

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The first ANZAC Biscuit recipe was traced back to 1917. That year, the War Chest Cookery Book was published with an ANZAC Biscuit recipe. However, this recipe contained eggs, and involved sandwiching jam and cream between two. Read about how Jack Schmidt attempted to settle the fire around sconegate; does jam or cream go on first? I can only image how the debate might’ve been settled in 1917.

However, the enduring recipe we know and love today has been traced all the way back to 1924.

A Labour of Love: Rich Cakes at the Sydney Royal

On Saturday Leah spoke to Chira Fernando on the rich fruit cake he entered into this year’s Arts and Crafts competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Chira recounted the weeks he spent chopping up currants, cherries, raisins and almonds into exact sizes and then mixing them with the rest of the ingredients to create a magical, delicious fruit cake!

Have a listen to their chat, and check out the pictures of his cake below!


Some of the entrants in the Rich Fruit Cake category of the Arts and Crafts competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
Some of the entrants in the Rich Fruit Cake category of the Arts and Crafts competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.


A friend of mine (Chira Fernando) entered a cake into the Arts and Crafts competition this year at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
Chira Fernando’s cake in the Arts and Crafts competition.

Coffee Options to Kick Start a Day at The Show

Hot or cold, coffee is the only way to embark on another huge day at the Sydney Royal Easter show.

If it’s a scorcher, don’t fret! The team at Cold Brew Nitro are serving up their refreshing cold brew in the coffee galleria. For those a little more adventurous you can have your coffee in a cone. And not just any cone, but a chocolate-coated waffle cone. Blissfully sip away while crunching down on the delicious cone as well.

Its always a jam packed day so start it the right way with a coffee in hand…or in cone.

Delicious coffee served in a chocolate coated cone

Image: Good Food and Supplier

wedding cake close up

Too Pretty to Eat: How do the Judges Pick a Cake Decorating Winner?

Cake Decorating — it’s one of the most hotly contested Arts and Craft competitions at the Sydney Royal Easter Show each year.  

The competition brings together hundreds of cake makers from various cake decorating guilds and associations across NSW. Entrants readily spend weeks designing and then crafting their sugary masterpieces.  

In the weeks before the Show opens to the public, a team of “decorated” volunteer cake artistry veterans carefully judge the entrants, using their trained eyes to pick winners from the bunch.

Believe it or not, decorated cakes at the Sydney Royal Easter Show are not judged on taste, but rather on appearance, structure, creativity and technique.  The judges also check that entered cakes do not breach the competition’s strict entry rules. Cakes cannot be too weighty, too large for their class, or use illegal structural supports.

Winning cakes must be both visually spectacular and demonstrate high levels of skill and finesse.  The array of cake decorating techniques on display at the Show is astounding, from colouring, to sugar crystallising, delicate piping work, and cake tower-building using “edible glues” like fondant and sugar syrup.

Judging takes place prior to the opening of the Show on March 23rd.  Head down to the Arts and Craft Pavilion next to the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome to check out the prizewinners and judge for yourself!

Waffle On at Waffleland!

Think about what a party in your mouth would be like… a waffle from Waffleland is better than that! Its an amusement park in your mouth!

This delicious piece of art consists of a freshly baked waffle that’s full of ice cream, wafer sticks, salted caramel, fairy floss, violet crumble bits, oreos, waffles, pink marshmallows and of course, a dessert isn’t a dessert without nutella.  

Having won Gold for the 2012 Sydney Royal Easter Show Commercial Exhibitor Award you need to make sure you grab 4 friends to finish it all off… or don’t – which ever works!