Australia’s Debating Between Crunchy or Chewy ANZAC Biscuits

Do we prefer our biscuits crunchy or chewy?

The ANZAC Biscuit has transcended time, and become an icon of Australia. Despite an entire nation agreeing upon a single recipe, this is the one thing we cannot agree on.

Video Courtesy of ABC Rural

It’s the oats, flour, and maple syrup that can make this vital difference. The more of these, the more soft and gooey they’ll be. Who doesn’t love the caramel sensation of an ANZAC biscuit melting in your mouth?

Or perhaps you’ll put in less, and cook them for longer, giving them the golden brown crispy edges that give them an unforgettable crunch.

It’s that time of year when the smell of ANZAC biscuits follow you down the street. You cannot escape it, so why bother? Why not just embrace the Australian legend? Choose your side, bake some, and share them with your friends and family while you relax and watch the iconic Collingwood v Essendon game at the MCG.

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The first ANZAC Biscuit recipe was traced back to 1917. That year, the War Chest Cookery Book was published with an ANZAC Biscuit recipe. However, this recipe contained eggs, and involved sandwiching jam and cream between two. Read about how Jack Schmidt attempted to settle the fire around sconegate; does jam or cream go on first? I can only image how the debate might’ve been settled in 1917.

However, the enduring recipe we know and love today has been traced all the way back to 1924.

Seven Tasty Show Treats for Under Ten Bucks

If you’re like me then you appreciate quality products for bargain prices. So If you’re heading to the Sydney Royal Easter Show today, here’s my top seven picks for delicious show food treats that are available for under ten bucks!!

1. Dagwood Dog  

You can’t go wrong with this tried and tested show food main stay!!! There is an abundance of show food spread throughout Sydney Olympic Park and most of them do offer the piping hot deep fried treat, priced usually from five to seven bucks!!! Solid option and my personal fave (see photo above).

2. The Big Bush BBQ

Lets get down to brass tax here, what’s more Australian than a a sausage sizzle? A snag and cold bottle of water are only five bucks and when the proceeds of all snags sold are donated to various regional associations, the choice for a cheap and yummy snack could’t be easier. So head over to the Big Bush BBQ and say g’day to the lovely folk on the barbie and make your lunchtime count!!!

3. Puff Doughnuts

If you make your way to the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome and you looking for something sweet, grab a cup o’ fresh, hot puff doughnuts for five bucks!!!

4. Blend your own Smoothy

If you’re feeling energetic and in the mood for a reward then be sure to check out the Dairy Farmers Milk stand!!! Six bucks gets your choice of smoothy ingredients, then jump on a spin bike and watch your smoothy mix in front of your eyes!!!

5. Corn on the Cob

You cant miss with BBQ corn on the cob!!! Like the dogwood dog there’s an abundance of show food stands that offer piping hot corn fresh from the cob for as little as five bucks! We’re talking big corn people, so bring your appetite!!!

6. Chips on a Stick

If you’re in the mood for something different then make sure you lash out on the world famous chips on a stick!!! Available at show food stands in most locations around the Sydney Royal Easter Show, you can get your hands on the yummy snack for only six bucks!!!

7. Lemonade 

If you’re finding yourself in a battle with the heat here at Olympic Park then I’ve got good news! There’s no need to suffer from a parched mouth after running around between rides and show bag ally. Grab an ice cold, freshly squeezed lemonade for five bucks from the multitude of lemonade stands scattered around the show ground!!!

Bon Appetit!!!

A Labour of Love: Rich Cakes at the Sydney Royal

On Saturday Leah spoke to Chira Fernando on the rich fruit cake he entered into this year’s Arts and Crafts competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Chira recounted the weeks he spent chopping up currants, cherries, raisins and almonds into exact sizes and then mixing them with the rest of the ingredients to create a magical, delicious fruit cake!

Have a listen to their chat, and check out the pictures of his cake below!


Some of the entrants in the Rich Fruit Cake category of the Arts and Crafts competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
Some of the entrants in the Rich Fruit Cake category of the Arts and Crafts competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.


A friend of mine (Chira Fernando) entered a cake into the Arts and Crafts competition this year at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
Chira Fernando’s cake in the Arts and Crafts competition.

Dagwood Dogs around the World

It might be the treat most synonymous with the Sydney Royal Easter Show, but what we know as the dagwood dog comes in many different forms around the world.


In Argentina, the dagwood dog is known as the panchuker and can be found at busy train stations for a hot snack for commuters. Instead of the batter we know and love, a panchuker is covered in a waffle-like pastry.


Only America could dream up a deep fried sausage on a stick. In the US, they’re known as corn dogs and are readily available in supermarkets and convenience stores. They were invented in the mid-1940s as a dinner time delicacy.

South Korea

Funnily enough, a corn dog is an extremely popular snack in South Korea. A corn dog translates to “hot dog” in Korean, confusing it with a genuine hot dog.

Coffee Options to Kick Start a Day at The Show

Hot or cold, coffee is the only way to embark on another huge day at the Sydney Royal Easter show.

If it’s a scorcher, don’t fret! The team at Cold Brew Nitro are serving up their refreshing cold brew in the coffee galleria. For those a little more adventurous you can have your coffee in a cone. And not just any cone, but a chocolate-coated waffle cone. Blissfully sip away while crunching down on the delicious cone as well.

Its always a jam packed day so start it the right way with a coffee in hand…or in cone.

Delicious coffee served in a chocolate coated cone

Image: Good Food and Supplier

Eat a Sausage Sizzle with a Difference!

Whether it’s voting for Mayor or a trip to Bunnings, no one can walk past a sausage sizzle, and this year you can indulge knowing the proceeds goes to people who really need it.

Each day of the Show a different NSW Show Society will don the apron and gloves and fire up the barbie to satiate your tummies.

You can enjoy one of Australia’s favourites knowing that all the money will go to helping our friends in the bush.  It’s a win – win.

Whether you like yours with the lot, only tomato sauce, or no onions, you can get your sanga down at the Big Bush BBQ at the Davidson Plaza.

Sink your teeth into this crowd favourite and wash it all down with a soda on the side of course.

IMAGE: – BBQ sausages and onions.

RECIPE: Cheese and chive scones

Scones have been around for centuries – they were first mentioned in text in 1513 in a Scottish poem, but were around even longer than that. There have been many varieties of scone all around the world, from Australia’s pumpkin scones to the American ‘biscuit’, so they’re always a favourite.
We all love a scone smothered in jam and cream alongside a cuppa, but for those who prefer a savoury taste try out these fantastic cheese and chive scones – perfect for afternoon tea or atop a casserole.

3 Events Everyone 18+ Should be Most Excited for at the Show

We’ve all grown up loving the Sydney Royal Easter show. However, as we get older, we just don’t get as excited over the showbags, petting zoo, and the Kids Carnival, like we used to. So, I thought I’d tell everyone 18+, who love the Easter Show, but want something a bit more suited for you, what you should be most excited for this year.

1) The Edge Silent Disco (18+ Event)

This year, the annual After Dark event will be presenting the inaugural Edge Silent Disco, an exclusive After Dark +18 Event. For those who don’t know, in a silent disco, you hear the DJs music only through the headphones you are given. There are no speakers, only the headphones, and the lights. It’s the craziest thing when you take the headphones off and see everyone dancing to what sounds like silence, and singing to, again, nothing!

The music of course, is the most important thing, and the Edge has got some stellar talent lined up. Three different DJs will perform each night of the event, including Amastro, Colour Castle, and Hydraulix. They’ll be playing everything and anything from the hottest hits right now, to your old-school favourites.

The disco only has a capacity of up to 1000 people, so get your ShowLink tickets quick right here before you miss out on this awesome event! The Edge Silent Disco will run for three consecutive nights on March 26th, 27th and 28th on the Ampitheatre Lawns.

2) De Costi Oyster & Tyrell’s Wine Bar

Settle in for one of the finest dining experiences at the 2018 show. The De Costi Oyster bar provides incredibly juicy and delicious prawns and oysters, caught fresh and delivered daily. What a great way to experience the high quality of Australia’s seafood produce! You’ll feel even more luxurious with some of Australia’s best wine, from Tyrell’s Wines, featuring award-winning vintages of many kinds.

If you want to wine and dine in one of the most unique yet delicious stalls at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, you can find De Costi Oyster and Tyrell’s Wine Bar in the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome.


3) Woolworths Fresh Food Dome

Don’t just go to the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome for the succulent oysters and delicious wines! If you love all kinds of fine and interesting food and food-related exhibits, you’ll find them in the Woolworths Food Dome. There is a plethora of great stalls and activities in the dome. You can go to the Woolworths Kitchen and learn food hacks and new, exciting recipes in seven daily interactive workshops. However, don’t forget to book your seat on the Sydney Royal Easter Show website so you don’t miss out on limited seats. There will be a number of cooking demonstrations by your favourite Australian chefs, as well as honey competitions and interactive demonstrations of how to farm bees at the Bee-Zeebo.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show has some amazing events on to please all ages. If you’re with the family and just want some time out from the children’s entertainment, or just want to experience the show from a different angle, you won’t go wrong enjoying any of these spectacular events and experiences.

Images courtesy of Sydney Royal Easter Show Website