Getting Ready for the Show

Packing and getting ready for the Sydney Royal Easter Show can be stressful at the best of times let alone when you have a couple of excited kids running around. So that’s why we here at Show Radio made a list of the top 5 things to remember when packing, even though if you do forget them chances are the show will have some help for you.


  1. Cash! Having cash on you is super important as some places will only take cash. While yes the world is moving into the digital age where pay pass is basically the only way of paying, the show does have a lot of stalls and side shows that will only take cash.
  2. Phone Battery! A day at the Sydney Royal Easter Show is a long one and having a dead battery half way through the day can make certain things hard. Whether it is finding your partner, finding your lost child, or simply googling something, you need your phone. We suggest having a portable charger or even still, bringing the wall charger.
  3. Nappies! This one is mainly for the parents with younger kids how
    ever still important. As we said the day is long and when you need to go, you need to go, so having a bunch of spare nappies is essential. Remembering to pack them is another thing all together. Our suggestion, pack more than you think you’d need, better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Bags! Everyone knows that the show bags are one of the main attractions from the show, and a lot of them are simple with a bunch of small things like chocolates. Our tip is to bring a big backpack, full of food maybe, eat the food during the day, and chuck the show bags in later, saves carrying however many smaller bags around. The best part, there are over 1800 lockers for hire around the grounds to store the bag in as well.
  5. Stroller! Finally a stroller is the most ideal for the show as prams are a bit too big, and chances are the kids will want to roam around to look at things through the day anyway. Towards the end of the day the kids will tire and want to sit down, if not go home all together which is the perfect time to whip the stroller into action. The best part, strollers are also available for hire from the Event Scooter Hire or by booking online.


So there you have it, our top 5 things to remember when packing for the show. Keep your mind at ease knowing you have the bases covered… and know that if you do forget, the Sydney Royal Easter Show has your back.

Eat a Sausage Sizzle with a Difference!

Whether it’s voting for Mayor or a trip to Bunnings, no one can walk past a sausage sizzle, and this year you can indulge knowing the proceeds goes to people who really need it.

Each day of the Show a different NSW Show Society will don the apron and gloves and fire up the barbie to satiate your tummies.

You can enjoy one of Australia’s favourites knowing that all the money will go to helping our friends in the bush.  It’s a win – win.

Whether you like yours with the lot, only tomato sauce, or no onions, you can get your sanga down at the Big Bush BBQ at the Davidson Plaza.

Sink your teeth into this crowd favourite and wash it all down with a soda on the side of course.

IMAGE: – BBQ sausages and onions.

Trump, Ed Sheeran and Kochie at the Royal Sydney Easter Show?

What do The US President, The UK’s number 1 selling artist and Australia’s highest rating TV breakfast host all have in common? Believe it or not they may all be at the Sydney Royal Easter Show… as Pumpkins.

Image: The Daily Planet

This year when you make your way to the Flower & Garden Pavilion you and the family will have a chance to come face to face with these playful pumpkins dressed as celebrities. The Pumpkin Challenge is your one and only chance to see pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, decorated in manners you have to see to believe. 

When: Daily 9.30am-8.30pm


Speedy Shearers Showcase Superb Skills this Sydney Royal Easter Show

The shearing is a mainstay of the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and this year will be no different. Shearing is something that all Australians have heard of, but many know little about, if that sounds like you, then you’re in luck.

This year there is a fresh flock of sheep ready to be sheared for your viewing pleasure and you can rest assured the shearers will be eager to showcase their sensational skills at this years Sydney Royal Easter Show.

As well as shearing the sheep, you can hear tails of life on the land and listen as the shearers explain the inner workings of the shearing shed.

If you’re game, you’ll even be invited in to take the reigns, or clippers, and help one of the experts shear a sheep.

You can catch the shearing at the The Daily Telegraph Paddock from Friday the 23rd through to Wednesday the 28th of March. Or from the 29th of March till the 3rd of April at the Sheep and Wool Pavilion.

Image: WikiCommons

This is not a Drill! Pig Petting is Back at the Easter Show

Petting a pig, or for that matter any adorable farm animal, is one of life’s simple pleasures. Unfortunately unless your lucky enough to hale from rural Australia, this indulgent practice is only too rare in everyday life. The Royal Easter Show plans to remedy this through the aptly named “Pat a Pig” event at the Pig & Goat Pavilion. Kids and big kids alike can pat playful piglets and lazy hogs, all the while taking photographs aplenty! Friendly farmers are also onsite to answer any of your pig related questions.

You can catch Pat a Pig sessions from Friday March 23rd to Tuesday April 3rd.

RECIPE: Cheese and chive scones

Scones have been around for centuries – they were first mentioned in text in 1513 in a Scottish poem, but were around even longer than that. There have been many varieties of scone all around the world, from Australia’s pumpkin scones to the American ‘biscuit’, so they’re always a favourite.
We all love a scone smothered in jam and cream alongside a cuppa, but for those who prefer a savoury taste try out these fantastic cheese and chive scones – perfect for afternoon tea or atop a casserole.

3 Events Everyone 18+ Should be Most Excited for at the Show

We’ve all grown up loving the Sydney Royal Easter show. However, as we get older, we just don’t get as excited over the showbags, petting zoo, and the Kids Carnival, like we used to. So, I thought I’d tell everyone 18+, who love the Easter Show, but want something a bit more suited for you, what you should be most excited for this year.

1) The Edge Silent Disco (18+ Event)

This year, the annual After Dark event will be presenting the inaugural Edge Silent Disco, an exclusive After Dark +18 Event. For those who don’t know, in a silent disco, you hear the DJs music only through the headphones you are given. There are no speakers, only the headphones, and the lights. It’s the craziest thing when you take the headphones off and see everyone dancing to what sounds like silence, and singing to, again, nothing!

The music of course, is the most important thing, and the Edge has got some stellar talent lined up. Three different DJs will perform each night of the event, including Amastro, Colour Castle, and Hydraulix. They’ll be playing everything and anything from the hottest hits right now, to your old-school favourites.

The disco only has a capacity of up to 1000 people, so get your ShowLink tickets quick right here before you miss out on this awesome event! The Edge Silent Disco will run for three consecutive nights on March 26th, 27th and 28th on the Ampitheatre Lawns.

2) De Costi Oyster & Tyrell’s Wine Bar

Settle in for one of the finest dining experiences at the 2018 show. The De Costi Oyster bar provides incredibly juicy and delicious prawns and oysters, caught fresh and delivered daily. What a great way to experience the high quality of Australia’s seafood produce! You’ll feel even more luxurious with some of Australia’s best wine, from Tyrell’s Wines, featuring award-winning vintages of many kinds.

If you want to wine and dine in one of the most unique yet delicious stalls at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, you can find De Costi Oyster and Tyrell’s Wine Bar in the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome.


3) Woolworths Fresh Food Dome

Don’t just go to the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome for the succulent oysters and delicious wines! If you love all kinds of fine and interesting food and food-related exhibits, you’ll find them in the Woolworths Food Dome. There is a plethora of great stalls and activities in the dome. You can go to the Woolworths Kitchen and learn food hacks and new, exciting recipes in seven daily interactive workshops. However, don’t forget to book your seat on the Sydney Royal Easter Show website so you don’t miss out on limited seats. There will be a number of cooking demonstrations by your favourite Australian chefs, as well as honey competitions and interactive demonstrations of how to farm bees at the Bee-Zeebo.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show has some amazing events on to please all ages. If you’re with the family and just want some time out from the children’s entertainment, or just want to experience the show from a different angle, you won’t go wrong enjoying any of these spectacular events and experiences.

Images courtesy of Sydney Royal Easter Show Website

scones jam and cream

Jam First or Cream First? CWA Settles Scone Debate

It’s the “scone-troversy” that’s lit up social media in the past 24 hours: Should scones be spread with jam or cream first?

The lively online debate began in the UK after the Lanhydrock National Trust from southwest England posted a seemingly innocent ad for a Mother’s Day afternoon tea on Facebook.

The post however, featured an image of scones spread first with cream and topped with jam, sparking outrage amongst traditional Cornish locals and kickstarting the hashtag #jamfirst, which quickly spread across the globe.

Back in Australia, the Country Women’s Association’s NSW State Secretary Ann Adams settled the debate on Radio National once and for all.

“It’s absolutely jam first,” she asserted. “Cream is the topping, jam is the spread. You can’t put much jam on the scone if you pile the cream on first.”

Defenders of the “cream first” position argue that a scone spread with cream and topped with jam is more visually appealing that a “jam first” arrangement.

“Not really,” said Adams.

“Besides, if you go way back to the tradition in England in the 1780s, when Anna Russell the Duchess of Bedford really brought scones to the fore, scones were served as an afternoon tea with clotted cream on top.”

So when it comes to scones, it turns out there really is no debate: it’s #jamfirst or nothing at all.

Don’t forget to try the famous CWA scones and tea at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, served at the CWA Tearoom in the Home and Lifestyle Pavilion. 

How Much Dog would a Dagwood Dog if a Dagwood could Dagwood Dog?!?

Seriously, how spectacular are Dagwood Dogs? The amalgam of hot dog and batter slathered in tomato sauce, served on a stick piping hot! Truly the prestige of culinary delights at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

For me personally the Dagwood Dog is more than a snack, it invokes a sense of nostalgia. The unique taste and smell transports me to childhood and my first time at the show. It’s a portal to the family car packed full with my sister and cousins early in the morning battling traffic to the show grounds. It’s a reminder of that first overcast day I spent rushing around the show, the mixed scent of livestock and fair ground foods and the excitement of my first rollercoaster ride.

This year find that little piece of magic that takes you back to childhood, or introduce the little ones to a show food experience!!! It only comes once a year folks, make memories that will last a lifetime at the Sydney Royal Easter Show!!!


Stretches, Stunts, and Swords: Have Your Mind Blown at the Psycho Sideshow

The Psycho Sideshow is a daily performance at the Sydney Royal Easter Show that harks back to the early 1900s, when classic freakshows were a staple of the annual show.

With the ‘best ever,’ line-up of acts yet, the Psycho Sideshow features a number of daring, unique, and incredible individuals, willing to push their bodies to the limit, and do things you never thought a human could do. Crowd favourite Chayne ‘The Space Cowboy,’ Hultgren, an unforgettably sword swallower, miraculous contortionist Captain Frodo, and the famous reptilian Lizardman, are just a few of the iconic and world-renowned acts coming to the Psycho Sideshow this year.

Be amazed. Be astonished. Be absolutely shocked. The Psycho Sideshow will be at The Amphitheatre from 24 March until 3 April, with shows at 12pm, 2pm and 5pm (no 2pm performance on 25, 28 March, and no 5pm performance on 25 March. For more information, visit the Sydney Royal Easter Show Website.